Terms & Conditions

Hausing real estate agency: hereinafter referred to as ‘Hausing’, concludes with its Clients
Lessor: hereinafter referred to as ‘Client’
Lessee: hereinafter referred to as ‘Tenant’
Mediation is understood to mean: the estate agent's best-efforts obligation aimed at establishing a rental agreement for living space between the Client and Tenant.

1. Consent & exclusivity
The Client gives Hausing permission for mediation of the letting of the property/properties. The client agrees that Hausing has full exclusivity to list and promote the property as described in Article 1.1, for 30 days from the moment of the key handover from the Client to Hausing. The services of Hausing may vary, depending on the wishes of the Client and what parties agree on this subject when the agreement is concluded.

1.1 The services to be performed by Hausing consist of the following:  

- Presentation
Hausing prepares a presentation of the property, including photos and a video. Although the Client may already have photos of the property, Hausing often chooses to take new photos and make a video, to rent out the property as quickly and efficiently as possible. The photos and video are taken free of charge and are the intellectual property of Hausing.

- Advertising & Marketing
Hausing lists and advertises the property on several websites, including Funda and Pararius. Besides, the property will be advertised on a range of social media, in expat communities, and a network of relocation agencies and international companies. Hausing promotes the property to potential Tenants and deals with all responses from interested candidates.

- Viewings
Hausing arranges and conducts viewings of the property.

- Negotiations
Hausing negotiates on the Client’s behalf with the clear aim of agreeing on the most favorable conditions for the Client.

- Screening
Potential Tenants undergo an extensive screening process. This includes conducting checks on financial and rental history as well as the authenticity of the data provided and online social checks.

- Selection
The Tenant candidates will be presented to the Client to make a final decision over the choice of the Tenant.

- Tenancy agreement
Hausing drafts the customized tenancy agreement. Once the content of the agreement has been approved by both parties, Hausing ensures that it is signed by all parties at the soonest.

- Property delivery & inspection
Hausing is present on delivery of the property to the Tenant. Hausing makes a detailed inspection report with photos of the property’s condition, both at the start and at the end of the tenancy period. The report will be signed at the time of the inspection by Hausing and the Tenant. The inspection report will be provided immediately to the Client.

2. Delivery of the property
The Client is responsible for the delivery of a clean property before the handover to the Tenant. The Client is also in charge of providing the Tenant with property keys and making additional copies of the keys if necessary.

3. Commission

3.1 The commission for Hausing services is charged if a rental contract is concluded and signed by the Client and the Tenant.

3.2 Hausing uses a fixed commission of € 950 (excluding 21% VAT), per rental contract, regardless of the amount of the property rental price.

3.3 If the Client requests Hausing to find a new tenant for the same property, the commission according to the above-mentioned in article 3.2 will apply again.  

4. Payment method
The payment of the commission, owed by the Client to Hausing, will take place as follows: Hausing will send an invoice after the inspection and property handover has taken place. The invoice is to be paid within 7 days.

5. Power of decision, permission, permits, and energy label

5.1 By signing this instruction the Client warrants that he/she is legally authorized to establish a rental agreement for the property for which the instruction has been provided to Hausing. The Client is aware that he/she remains responsible for all claims against Hausing or the Tenant concerning illegal subletting activities. The Client is responsible, where relevant, for informing third parties of the intention to rent and seeking permission. Such third parties include but are not limited to: the VVE (association of owners), the mortgage lending institution, insurance companies, Dienst Wonen (Amsterdam). The owner is responsible for securing any required permission relating to renting the property.

5.2 Where the property may only be rented with a “huisvestingsvergunning” (housing permit), the Client is responsible for introducing the prospective Tenant to Dienst Wonen, Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling, or DS+V (or other local relevant institution) in support of the application for the huisvestingsvergunning. The Client will immediately inform Hausing, if the relevant “huisvestingsvergunning” (housing permit), is refused and in all cases before parties sign the rental agreement.

5.3 The Client is responsible for applying to the relevant (local) government body for all and any required permissions, permits, and/or licenses and securing the relevant official documentation. On request, this documentation must be provided to Hausing to assist in finalizing a rental contract.

5.4 If the property is not a monument as defined in the Monumentenwet 1988, then as of 1 January 2013, the Client is obliged to produce an official energy label for scrutiny by the lessee. Hausing has informed the Client of the current regulation(s) and, therefore, the Client will not hold Hausing liable if damages are claimed by the Tenant where the energy certificate is not produced by the Client when requested.

6. Property management
Management of the leased property is not included in Hausing services. The Client acts as property manager throughout the tenancy agreement. The Client takes responsibility for rent collection, rent increases, technical management, any emergencies, or legal actions. The Client has direct contact with the tenant on any of these or similar issues.

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