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Fee: €950 (excl. VAT)

Hausing rents out more than 90% of all homes to expats. We specialise in expat rentals and are well known as one of the the best rental agencies in Amsterdam, because of our exceptionally good 'value for money'. Hausing takes care of the entire rental process for a fixed agency fee, regardless of the rental price of the property. This includes free photos and a video, direct promotion to international relocators & rental brokers, and advertising on Pararius and Funda. We offer viewings 7 days a week and conduct professional screenings. In addition, we draw up the rental contract and ensure digital signing by all parties. A professional (digital) inspection report is made at the key handover. Additionally, our hausing team helps tenants connect the utilities (internet and TV) hassle-free. We work no cure no pay.

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Fee: 1% of the sales price (excl. VAT) *

Hausing has always managed to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our experienced sales team has an extensive network and exceptional work ethics. Viewings 7 days a week and a response rate of 100% are examples of why we make the difference in selling for the highest price, when others don't. Our services include free photography and a video of the property, specific market research, sales advice, advertising offline [discreet sale] and online [Funda], viewings, sales negotiations and the transport of the property at the notary. For taking your property for sale, land registration and online platform registration costs €450 (excl. VAT) apply.

* Our fee is 1% of the sales price, with a minimum of €4950 (excl. VAT)

Property management

Fee: 5% of the monthly rent (excl. VAT)

With more than 30 years of experience in property management, our team guarantees; the highest quality of service (7 days a week) with excellent communication skills. The property manager takes care of all financial aspects such as monthly rent collection and the collection and payment of the deposit. In addition, they are the point of contact for the tenant and they organise all necessary technical support for the maintenance and/or renovation of your property. In short, you will be completely unburdened. The standard fee for property management is 5% (excluding VAT). But in some cases the fee is negotiable, depending on the size of the real estate portfolio and the annual rental income. We are happy to make an appointment to view your property.


Fee: 1% of the purchase price (excl. VAT) *
Are you interested to buy a property in Amsterdam? Presenting unique properties that are not yet, or just on the market is our mission. Working harder than the rest and leaving nothing to chance is what we stand for. At hausing you are our top priority! Our sales team will guide you through every step of the process such as; planning the viewings, making proposals, negotiations, organising appraisals, technical surveys, mortgage advice and finding a reliable notary.

* Our fee is 1% of the purchase price, with a minimum of €4950 (excl. VAT)

Appraisal report

Fee: €652 (excl. VAT)
When you want to apply for a loan for the renovation of your house, or if you want to adjust your existing mortgage, you need a validated NWWI appraisal report. But a validated appraisal report is also important if you want to sell your home or buy a new home. The appraisal process includes; verification of data, such as title deeds, inspections, measurements, due diligence and market comparisons. The appraisal report will be discussed with you personally by a registered appraiser (NRVT), after which you will receive a copy by post and email. The standard costs of an appraisal report are €652 (excl. VAT). A surcharge of €83 (excl. VAT) applies to recently renovated homes. For rental properties, a surcharge of €166 (excl. VAT) applies. Call or email us if you would like more information about appraisals.

Energy label

Fee: €248 (excl. VAT)

If you are planning to let or sell your property, a valid registered energy label is mandatory. A certified EP-advisor will visit your property to measure all spaces and inspect all installations. After the visit the EP-advisor will prepare a report and you will receive your official energy label by e-mail. The label is valid for 10 years. The advisor will also give suggestions how you can increase the energy efficiency of the property. The standard cost for an energy label of an apartment up top 60 sq.m, is €248 (excl. VAT). For larger apartments / houses there is a small surcharge based on the square meters.

Floor plan & NEN-2580

Fee: €83 (excl. VAT)

For selling a property a floor plan and a NEN 2580 measurement report is compulsory. A floor plan in the gives you a good sense of the layout of the property in question. The interior is not taken into consideration, so that the viewer can interpret the floor plan in his/her own way. A NEN 2580 measurement report is a report that consists of a measurement statement with all lettable and non-lettable floor areas of a building in accordance with the NEN 2580 standard. NEN 2580 is a standard that contains agreements and determination methods with the aim of creating the surface determination variables and preventing confusion. The standard cost up top 60 sq.m, is €83 (excl. VAT). For larger apartments / houses there is a small surcharge based on the square meters.

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