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How much does it cost and what's included?

Our fee is 1% of the sales price, with a minimum of €4950 (excl. VAT)


We visit your property and make a comparison based on the recent sales of similar properties.

Photos, video & staging

Free photos and video of your property.

Staging is optional.


We conduct either private showings or open house visits 7 days a week.

Proposals & negotiations

We present you buyers proposals and assist you in negotiations.

What our clients say

Trusted by thousands of professionals and companies.


"Alexander is a very skilled real estate agent. He is proactive, has a lot of knowledge of the market and continuously updates on progress. Alexander also helped us very well during the process of purchasing the house, by sharing good information and tips, which ultimately led to a successful purchase. Alexander also kept an eye on things during the drawing process. All in all, we experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration. I would recommend Alexander to everyone."

Property owner

"I would highly recommend Alexander as a real estate agent. He's proactive, knows the market inside out, and keeps you in the loop at all times. When we were buying our home, he went the extra mile with helpful advice and tips that really made a difference. He also made sure to guide us smoothly through the paperwork, plus he's fluent in English, so there's no language barrier, and he's always just a call away. Working with him has been a pleasure and I can't recommend Alexander enough!"

Property owner

"Having used Hausing's services multiple times I can only highly recommend them to anyone. They rented out an apartment in no time to a solid tenant and sold an apartment to a hassle free buyer within just a few weeks. Alexander and Edoardo are a pleasure to work with which is a breath of fresh air in this industry."

Property owner

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