About us

Property rental agency in Amsterdam

Focused on what matters.

Quality over quantity

We have chosen to specialize only in residential real estate rentals and to be really good at it.

Transparent & simple

Our services and pricing are always transparent. No additional fees or hidden charges.

Efficient & friendly support

Being helpful and efficient in everything we do, is our second nature. We are growing fast and continue evolving to make every step of renting properties more efficient.


Online video tours, instant appointment scheduling, digital property inspections and signing the contracts - we love the latest technologies that make renting real estate a better experience.  

Be part of a dynamic team

We wouldn't be successful without our thinkers, creators, problem-solvers and doers - but we also need folks with a few other great skills. Like improvisers and improvers. Listeners and storytellers. Sharers and helpers. If that's a yes, then we cannot wait to hear more about you.

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