Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me finding an apartment in Amsterdam?

Yes, we have a renting service department. Our fee is 1 month rent + 21% VAT. Check the following link:

Is it possible to speak to somebody over the phone?

Our team is available by e-mail, 7 days a week from 09:00-21:00.

How fast will the customer service answer to my email?

Mostly within a few hours, during weekdays.

What does it mean if the apartment is RESERVED on your website?

It means that there is already one or more successful applicants for the property and we are waiting for the landlord to make a choice.

Can I be sure that all apartment on your website are still available?

Unfortunately not always. It is possible that somebody else makes an offer for an apartment after the 1st open house [and gets accepted] while you’re viewing the apartment during the 2nd open house.

How do I make an appointment for a viewing?

Every apartment on our website, has a ‘viewing’ button. Click on that button and the calendar will open.

What does it mean if the apartment has no availability in the agenda?  

This means that the viewings have already taken place.

Can I ask for other viewing days or times?

Our viewing days and times are planned in advanced, and it is not possible to change or add other timeslots on request. If the timeslot does not fit in your schedule, you can always ask a friend or a colleague to come on your behalf.

Is it a personal appointment or an open house?

It is always an open house. This means that multiple people are there to see the apartment at the same time.

What is the duration for the viewing?

30 minutes.

What if I am late for my viewing appointment?

Register for the next available open house.

Are students allowed in the apartments?

Students are allowed in most of the apartments. You can find information about it in the advertisement.

Are pets allowed in the apartments?

Pets are allowed in most of the apartments. You can find information about it in the advertisement.

What to do, if I don’t meet the income requirements.

If you don’t meet the income requirements, you can always ask someone to be your guarantor. Your gross income will be added to the gross income of the guarantor. If your guarantor’s income is not derived in the Netherlands, the deposit will be increased to 4 months.

Can I apply for an apartment, even if I haven’t seen it physically?

Yes, you can. Many tenants rent an apartment remotely through us.

Do I need to overbid, if I apply for an apartment?

We never encourage people to overbid. But in some cases when an apartment is exceptional, it happens that people offer more. It is totally up to you.

Can I also propose less than the asking price?

We never recommend offering less than the asking price. The landlord will not accept this.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

We will analyse all your documents and check if you meet the income requirements. If there is anything missing, we will contact you. We always try to give an answer back from the landlord, with 48 hours. But in some cases, it might take more time due to the weekend, a holiday period or an unexpected reason.

How can I increase my changes in getting the application approved?

If you have prepared all the required documents in advanced, you can apply directly after the viewing. In most cases landlords like to make quick decisions. So, applying as soon as possible is important to increase your changes.  Also, the start date of the rental contract can be crucial. If you apply for an apartment that is available immediately, it is wise to propose to rent the apartment as soon as possible. Landlords don’t like empty days and loosing rent.

Is the application binding?


Where do I find the guarantor-form on your website?

Go to the bottom of our website to download the guarantor form pdf.

What kind of “proof of income” does my guarantor need to provide?

This depends on the financial situation of your guarantor. If the guarantor is employed, we would ask for 1 recent salary slip. But if your guarantor is an entrepreneur, it can be a bank statement of the company or a private bank account statement, a signed declaration from the accountant or anything else. As long as the guarantor can gain the trust of the landlord that he or she is able to support the tenant if needed.

How long do I wait for my deposit after my departure?

Normally the deposit will be paid back to you within 14 days. But in case of damages to the apartment the landlord needs to ask for a quote. Only after the issues are completely fixed the landlord will know the final costs. This can take time and therefore the maximum period for the return of the deposit is 4 weeks in a worst-case scenario.

Can I ask for a draft of a rental contract?

Only after your application has been approved by the landlord, we will send the draft of the rental contract to you.

Can I sign a rental contract, if I am not in The Netherlands yet?

Yes, we sign all our rental contracts through DocuSign.

Do you have an English translation of the rental contract?

Sometimes the landlord provides an English translation. But in most cases landlords only present a Dutch rental contract. In this case we advise to use google translate or ask a colleague to help you understand the articles.

Can I sign a rental contract in an English version?

No, landlords only sign Dutch rental contracts, due to the Dutch law.

How many people can register at an address after signing the rental contract?

By law maximum 2 people can register at an apartment, regardless the size or number of bedrooms of the apartment.

Can I live with more than 2 people in an apartment?

No, this is not allowed, and you are risking a fine, if the municipality can prove this.  Every rental contract will state that registration is only allowed for maximum 2 people. But there is one exception if you are a family household.

Can I live with my family [including children] in an apartment?

Yes, parents with children can live in an apartment and everybody can register at the address. For example, father, mother, 3 children and grandmother and grandfather all belong to a family household.

Can my family or a friend visit me, and stay few days in my apartment?

Yes, a short visit of your family or friends is always allowed and it is allowed to let them sleep at your place.

Can I rent out my apartment in Airbnb or other platforms?

No, this is strictly prohibited.

Can I rent out my apartment for a month or more?

No, subletting is strictly prohibited.

How do I cancel my rental contract?

You always need to send an email to the property manager with your resignation. You can put us in cc []. Keep in mind that for most rental contracts the notice period is 30 days, by done the end of the calendar month. For example, if you sent your resignation on the 10th of April, your 30 days’ notice period will start on the 30th of April and your will have to pay rent till the end of May.

Can I add another person to the rental contract, if my roommate wants to leave?

Yes, this is possible. But we will have to do a screening of the new roommate and present the new roommate to the landlord. If the landlord approves the new roommate, we will make an addendum and add this to the existing rental contract. The addendum is a one-page agreement that must be signed by the remaining tenant, the departing roommate, the new roommate and the landlord. The costs for the addendum are 150 euro + 21% VAT and must be paid directly to Hausing, by the tenants.

What kind of property insurance does a landlord have?

A landlord has a compulsory insurance together with the other owners of the building. This covers water damages, fire damages and other mayor impacts from outside to the apartment.

Do I need to have a home insurance if I rent an apartment?

Yes, this is compulsory. The insurance company we recommend is This is a very flexible insurance company because you can cancel your insurance on a monthly base.

Is Hausing my point of contact during the rental period?

No, your point of contact is always the property manager. You will find the contact details of the property manager in article 9 of your rental contract.

How do I get the utility contracts in my name?

Our partner company will assist you to get the utilities in your name, free of charge. We will bring you in contact with the account manager after the key-handover of the apartment.

How do I get the contracts for internet and tv in my name?

Our partner company will assist you to get the internet & tv provider in your name, free of charge. We will bring you in contact with the account manager after the key-handover of the apartment.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency related to the apartment?

Always contact directly the property manager. It is best to call and additionally send an email.

What are the garbage days and how does this work in Amsterdam?

In most districts of Amsterdam, you can drop your garbage 24/7 in the containers on the corner of the street. But in the city centre the municipality still picks up the garbage with a garbage truck, on 2 fixed days per week. You can find the garbage pick-up days by adding the zip-code of your address in the link below.

What does upholstered mean?

Upholstered means that the apartment has: curtains and / or window blinds. This is apart from the standard finishing such as: floors, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

When an apartment is furnished, does it also come with bedlinen, towels and kitchenware?

No, this is not standard in The Netherlands. Furnished means that all the big furniture items are in place, but kitchenware, bedlinen, towels are not provided. In rare cases, landlords provide bedlinen, towels and kitchenware. For example, when a landlord is a private owner, who lived in the apartment and has decided to leave this behind.

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